Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Miniatura show

Well,back from exhibiting at Miniatura NEC Birmingham Uk.Saturday was busy.Sunday I had several of my witch/wizard boxes stolen,wre priced at £18 each .Some of them had vintage jewellery on the lids so I cannot replicate them.I could have understood one being taken but several....Wonder if the thief is going to sell them on?


  1. That is bad, dont you have a picture of the stolen goods? So that people are warned when they see it offered somewhere and than they can tell you. Happend overhere in the Netherlands to.

  2. Carol, really think you should put pictures on here, of your stolen boxes that why if any are offered for sale on we might see them..So sorry to hear that this has happened to you. Hope their hands drop off..xx

  3. oh! I am very sorry, there are too many dishonest people in the world!
    put the photos on this blog, so if the thief sells them, we can recognize your work stolen!
    mini hugs, Caterina

  4. How awful! I would post the pictures everywhere, here and on FaceBook. I love those little boxes, I have one with a hand. Karma will get them in the end.

    Victoria ❤

  5. That is so awful! Rotten people! :(

  6. Siento lo que te ha pasado, no hay derecho.
    besitos ascension