Sunday, 25 July 2010

computer problems

Spent ages yesterday trying to get my computer to start.It refused to boot.Tried switching off and retrying but could not even click on del or tab for start up.The last time I tried there was a constant high pitched noise coming from the computer itself.It had been ok the evening before.So,had to set up my laptop to get photos from my camera as needed to list some ordered items on my Etsy shop.It isn't long since computer was into the computer store for same thing.Technology is wonderful-when it works!


  1. I HATE computer problems! I am so sorry you are having this trouble again. I hope it is resolved soon.

  2. Catherine,someone in the AIM group I am a member of was kind enough to reply when I posted about this in the group.They suggested completely disconnecting it(my computer) for some time.I had switched it off but not disconnected.I totally disconnected it overnight and could not believe it when it started up fine!
    If the same situation happens again disconnecting shall be the first thing that I try.Carol:)