Monday, 10 May 2010


A warm welcome to Jesus Nunez and Meli,I hope that you enjoy my blog.Carol:)


  1. Hello Carol

    Thanks for bravely posting the picture of your friend's dog. It's very good indeed for an almost first attempt! ( if indeed it is entirely!)

    Keep up the good work!

    Dogs are my very favourite creatures and I love to paint them. I suppose I get about 10 commissions a year to do them...either full sized or miniature...sometimes more.
    Don't be frightened of oils.... just wade in there!If you have any questions....or concerns...I'll always help you. :)

    Sue at

  2. Thankyou Sue,I really appreciate that.This was my first attempt at a dog.I have had a couple of tries at horses(the head) which I prefer.I also had a few goes at drawing portraits but that is all.I don't seem to get the time to try any more.I think that really I should make time otherwise I shall never improve! Carolx

  3. A warm welcome to my new followers Carmen and Palmira,nice to have you here.Carol:)